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Insights, Ideas and Success Stories


A combination of Listening, Asking and Rich Profiling, our Insights offerings, are a must for developing a go-to-market strategy for both your digital identity and your product.


Brands today operate in a very dynamic market. It is imperative for every brand that they gauge the mood of the market and consumers, and of their competitors’ initiatives all throughout their product launch journey.


If you are an FMCG, Auto, Fashion & Lifestyle, Telecom or any other brand and keen to explore how we can provide you with rich insights and translate them into strategic interventions, fill this form!


Listening and Insights


The magic is in these insights as they help us build powerful social strategies.


Corporate and Brand Reputation


We use sophisticated technology tools to listen into millions of conversations on the live web channels like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and websites to help you separate noise from signals and draw rich insights- identify influencers; conversation hubs; to see how you are faring versus competition; identify potential crises and opportunities before anybody else.


We measure our programs with rigour on parameters ranging from impact on brand health, buzz; from customer experience to efficiency and sales.


Ongoing views like


  • Buzz
  • Sentiment
  • Themes and attributes
  • Channels
  • People


Strategic views like


  • Reputation drivers
  • Proximity index
  • Competitive benchmarking


Commissioned Studies


Whether you want to know about The Future of Mobility, understand the opportunity for e-commerce in the luxury segment in India, or see what online conversations are telling you about the prospect of your political party in the next elections, we can help you find out.


Success Stories


We build powerful social marketing for your brands and organizations. At the same time, we keep ourselves distant from boasting of the successes of our clients for the reason that we only work and deliver what we are known for. We believe that only the work will speak for itself. We do not count and boast our clients’ success. You got it. You got it right!


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“Let’s Make It Happen”
That’s the core philosophy which we follow at Impact Infomedia Services.
What we believe is “It’s not about the work, it’s not about the deliverable, and it’s not about the timelines… It’s about giving the solution that makes it happen and that’s why we look different… and by golly we enjoy being different!!
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