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Life Style & Retail Stores

In this age of desktop computers, smart phones, tablets, note books and more, a web presence is essential for any life style or a retail business. Basically, not having a website today is the equivalent of not having a listing in the yellow pages twenty years ago. The Internet is the final word on everything and it’s the main tool new customers are going to use to discover your shop. we can guarantee that your competitor has a website.


As a retailer or store owner and as an organization or company…..You need an online presence i.e. a website, for the following obvious reasons :-


  • Reaching out to target audience to tell about your product and services.
  • Better communication and promotion of your brand/product.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Make your business very professional.
  • Spread the message across the world.
  • Online product sells.
  • Virtual office.
  • 24/7 your company work, even if you are sleeping.


This doesn’t mean you need to have a tricked out e-commerce site. A simple informational website is a good starting point. Of course, any bells and whistles you can add would be great too, but you can take this one step at a time. Once you have that basic site up and running, you can decide if adding e-commerce makes sense down the road.


We will help you with the following:


  • A description of your retail store and what types of products you carry (and this would be expressed in both text and images)
  • Plenty of pictures of your location (both inside and out)
  • Your business operation info
  • Your address, plus a map and/or directions
  • Contact information with customized links
  • Your store USPs & policies


That constitutes the modern-day version of a yellow pages ad. Customers doing an Internet search for “[insert type of products you carry] boutiques near me” will find your website. In addition, that customer who came upon your shop after hours and can’t remember what your hours are can look you up and find out.


Now, that kind of website, while functional, it mostly an “online brochure.” If you want a website that helps you build your relationship with your customers, you might want some of these bells and whistles:


  • An email list sign-up - a mailing list is a great way to communicate with your customers about new products and upcoming events.
  • A featured product section - highlight new product lines and designers
  • A calendar or events listing - if you do openings, trunk shows and similar events, you’ll want that information on your website
  • A blog where you can share background stories about featured designers, inspirational images and glimpses into your shop to pique a visitor’s interest
  • Links to any social media presences you may have, like Twitter and Facebook


And once these features are in place, you might want to take the leap into e-commerce, so you can reach customers outside of your city. E-commerce definitely has its learning curve! Here are some aspects you might want to think about before taking the plunge:


  • You’ll need a way to manage inventory, so you’re sure items listed in your online store are actually available to ship
  • Speaking of shipping, you’ll need a designated area for packing items. You’ll need to know shipping rates. You’ll need a source for packing materials. You’ll need branded shipping labels.
  • You’ll need either the time or personnel to keep up with photographing new products, writing product descriptions, and building product listings for your site.


We want to reiterate that your competition has already has a website and so should you. Great web presences are not built in a day, so it’s completely okay to build yours a little at a time. And if you’re just not technically savvy, we would do it for you affordably. It’s that important.


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