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Microsites (Small promotional package box) are a small independent sites used to market your products or services, connect to your social media network, promote events, quick registrations, collect user database, etc. Microsites are minisites which can also drive traffic to your website or application. They are like a supplementary paper you receive with your news letter on and off.


Till when? They have a short, campaign-specific life-cycle and can be removed from web servers once the promotion or event is over. They are often used to-


  • Create buzz and excitement to help you break away from the clutter.
  • Present critical product launch, services, contests, exhibitions, events, and major promotions.
  • Solve search engine marketing purposes by behaving as a 'cluster' of landing pages.


Benefits of Microsites:


  • Independent of your main website.
  • No cluttering of your corporate website with additional pages.
  • Higher placement on organic search results for specific keywords.
  • Marketing of new product and new indications.
  • Easy and quick time for campaign creation.
  • Provide effective corporate information/announcements.
  • Dramatically improve response rates.
  • Best for niche marketing and promotional activities.
  • Reinforce the brand value in the market.
  • Design of microsites can be personalized.


What You We Digital can do for you?


Implementing microsites, involves challenges of adding fun and viral to the marketing campaign, engaging clients to the websites, and implementing catchy call to action to drive traffic. At, You We Digital, we help build campaign-specific microsites that enable online marketers to measure campaign and microsite effectiveness. A team of savvy microsites development specialists produce microsites that concentrate users’ attention on campaign so that your potential clients do not get diverted.


We add fun to your next big viral campaign !


We work with you to develop a viral element and create the most engaging microsites campaign. We have a rich experience of building the cost-effective and campaign-specific websites from concept to creation through online marketing. You We Digital can design and develop the most effective microsites to communicate or make the mass aware about your new ventures.


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