We design & develop
beautiful websites interesting apps impactful identities working strategies incredible gadgets intelligent systems
that captivate your users that create huge revenue that make you stand out that will push you forward that make your life easy that automatize processes

Our Approach

1. You get in touch.


Getting started just takes a quick phone call or email from you. Our number is 9214059935 or emails us at info@impactinfomedia.in


2. We meet.


You talk, we listen. Then we talk a bit. Tell you about ourselves and how we can create something that will help your business. Together, we'll put together a high-level idea of your needs.


3. We brainstorm.


This is the part of our process where everyone on our team — all our creative, business and techie types — put their collective brains together and come up with brilliant ideas for your project.


4. We recommend.


Our quality web solutions start with concepts that are on-strategy and on-brand. We'll give you a proposal that includes a site architecture (a structure for all your pages and info), proposed functionality (what the site actually does), and wireframe layouts (a rough idea for what elements need to be on what page). You say yea or nay and we refine until you're happy.


5. We design.


This is the fun part of our process, where you get to see our creative ideas for what your site will actually look like. We'll give you initial web concepts — full-color designs of the home page and a secondary page — and we refine them together until they are exactly right.


6. We build.


This is where we take all our ideas and build the site everyone has envisioned. We set up the navigation, develop each page in XHTML, develop a database, set up a secure user login area, optimize the site to help it rank well on search engines — and do whatever else it takes to reliably engage your users. We build every site to the latest web standards, and apply usability and accessibility guidelines to everything we do.


7. We test.


Our QA Team reviews the site to make sure everything works as it should.


8. You review.


You yourself will review the site to ensure it works exactly as it should — invite colleagues, friends and family to give it a test-drive. We fix any last-minute things, and will let it go with your desired way.


9. We all celebrate!


We migrate your site to the live location, and you're ONLINE! Get in touch and experience our quality process in an extremely professional way. Hip Hip Hurrey!!


Our Work Mantra


Our Work Mantra


We are extremely dedicated and passionate about what we do. We understand the dynamics of social media from the brand's perspective and focus on ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. We value you as a client and consider our relationship as a partnership where your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Monitoring and assessing the entire campaign on a daily basis, keeping you updated regarding it and working out better and novel ways along the way are an integral part of our client servicing.


By understanding who you are, who you want to talk to and what you want to say, allows us to rationalize and creatively develop a strategy that connects.


Making the complicated perfectly simple, is the essence of creativity. Creative communication provides a unique point of difference for your brand and that is what we do best.


We believe that everybody's business is unique and requires a customized marketing approach targets - both offline and online. With a rich digital marketing experience spanning multiple disciplines, we work closely with our clients to fulfill individual requirements.


Our Promise


Our commitment to each and every one of our clients comes down to one word: Professionalism.


At Impact Infomedia Services, we promise to create a solution for you that's extremely professional, proactive and user friendly by your target audience.


We promise to complete your project with the highest possible level of accuracy, the latest web standards and technologies.


We promise to educate you and talk to you along the way, and ensure you clearly understand every phase - and function as an integral part of the project at every stage.


We promise to make sure you're satisfied. At every step and with every project we work on together.


Actually, we do more than just promise. We make it happen all the way across the entire portfolio. That is all what we can say at the moment. Rest all will speak which is our work. Fair enough …?


“Excited! Let’s Talk”
“Let’s Make It Happen”
That’s the core philosophy which we follow at Impact Infomedia Services.
What we believe is “It’s not about the work, it’s not about the deliverable, and it’s not about the timelines… It’s about giving the solution that makes it happen and that’s why we look different… and by golly we enjoy being different!!
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