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By :  Manish Bhandari / March 04,2014

A good manager is always an asset to the organization.

He is the one who is able to lead from the front and inspire his team to undertake risks and set new benchmarks for success.

Do you think you have it in you to be a good manager?

Adesh Jain, Honorary National President of Project Management lists the following qualities that define an ideal manager. Read on and find out how you fare.

1.  Honesty and integrity

Though many would think that it is insanity to keep this on the top of the list, one has to understand that, this is one characteristic that would percolate from top to bottom of the ladder.

If you expect your team, your subordinates to be honest, they must see this trait in you.

2.  Team-building ability

A project manager should understand that any project is a team work and people with varied skill sets will be required. Thus a project manager must be capable of analysing the individual strengths and build the team accordingly.

3.  Decision-making ability

This is a default trait expected from any project manager. S/he should be capable of taking the right decisions at the right time. While doing so, one has to consider reducing the risk factors involved while enacting the decision in the shortest possible time.

4.  Customer focus

A project manager should ensure that the entire team is aligned to the customer requirements.

Only when individuals start thinking like a customer, will they understand the needs of the customer in a better way.

5.  Perseverance

Every project has got its own bottlenecks. There are times when nothing moves in the right direction. During such instances, a project manager should stay determined and also motivate the team.

6.  Resource Optimization

Resources, as we all know, are scarce in nature. Optimum usage of resources is one of the prime factors to be considered during any planning. A project manager should ensure that both cost and value is taken into consideration while assigning resources for a particular task.

7.  Responsibility and ownership

A project manager should take the responsibility and ownership of any failures that might occur.

An efficient one is also a leader by nature.

8.  Tech savvy

A project manager should keep up with the changing technologies. S/he should not only acquire the knowledge but also share it with the team for the development of the team skill set.

9.  Awareness on limitations

An efficient project manager has a futuristic thinking. S/he is able to analyze all the limitations, bottlenecks or the constraints that might crop up during the project.

Thus, incorporating these in the project plan helps in a better execution of the project

10.  Communication skills

Last but not the least, excellent communication skills are a mandate for any project manager.

S/he should be able to convey his/her thoughts correctly to the team.

The information passed must be same as the information received.