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beautiful websites interesting apps impactful identities working strategies incredible gadgets intelligent systems
that captivate your users that create huge revenue that make you stand out that will push you forward that make your life easy that automatize processes

Why Impact Infomedia Services

Because We Are Different


Our unique ability to place us in your shoes and then think for solutions, rather than applying a plain vanilla approach to sell our services, makes us different. The amount of questions that we ask is something that has been well appreciated by our existing and even potential clients. Our approach of performing a thorough research, even behind a simple Facebook update, is what complements all our entire effort.


  • We align the Digital Marketing Strategy to your Business goals
    • We don’t go with a straitjacket approach. Only when we understand your business is when we will come up with a strategy comprising of ideas and plans and then execute them.
    • We’ll help you clarify your objectives and what you want to attain from your marketing activities.


  • We ask a lot of questions!
    • Asking the right question is really important. We feel we do a great job here or at least our clients say so!
    • Sometimes those questions might make you uncomfortable and might even make you relook at your business model but then isn’t that important?


  • We will tell you upfront what channels would work for your business, what won’t and why as well
    • There have been cases where we have told organizations Facebook is NOT the way to go
    • In fact there even has been a case where we told a potential customer that they don’t need digital marketing at all and ended up giving some offline marketing ideas


  • We will help you plan your budgets and make you spend only where necessary
    • Our mindset is always to try to look for creative ways to work around things and maximize ROI


  • We are not afraid to fail!


We are sincere about what we do; even today 80% of our business comes from word-of-mouth or someone’s reference. We are hungry for business and new clients same time we are more hungry for Testimonials and appreciations from our clients. We believe in educating before selling.


Our sole purpose is to humanize your brand, we then help your brand create social engagement with its consumers and eventually build a deep bond with them. While we keep learning new lessons and trends in marketing, we keep revising our basics :








We can go on and on, instead, why not get in touch with us and let’s see if we find synergies to work together.


“Excited! Let’s Talk”
“Let’s Make It Happen”
That’s the core philosophy which we follow at Impact Infomedia Services.
What we believe is “It’s not about the work, it’s not about the deliverable, and it’s not about the timelines… It’s about giving the solution that makes it happen and that’s why we look different… and by golly we enjoy being different!!
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